Meet Denise

Denise Paska is a certified fitness instructor with over 30 years of teaching and personal training experience. She offers a variety of classes that incorporate a range of exercises aimed at being adaptable to every fitness level. Denise enjoys being personally invested in her clients’ fitness journeys and is passionate about the impact she can make in their everyday lives. The goal of Tri Fit is to make fitness classes fun and effective through the powerful mentality of “Think Fit, Get Fit, Be Fit.” Start your transformation today and join the Tri Fit family!

Our Classes

What People Are Saying

Love starting my day with Denise's classes! She has great energy and always shows alternatives for all types of exercise levels.

- Norine V.

We enjoy Denise's classes so much! She is always upbeat and professional giving alternative poses to accommodate any physical issues. Continue to keep us going and staying in shape!

- Susan & Warren S.

Denise is a great yoga instructor and trainer! Some of her classes will challenge you and others will be restorative in nature. Thanks Denise for being my "healthful guru"!

- Janie W.